John made my first home buying experience a great one. I had little prior experience but felt confident throughout each step of my short sale purchase. His staff is polite, kind and considerate! I will certainly enjoy my first home for many years and highly recommend John.

-Emily Micik

Worked with John and JJ back in June and July of 2015. They worked hard to find us the right home in our price range and desired neighborhood. They were recommended by a friend and I would highly recommend them myself.

-Travis Smith

John Whetsel really spoiled us with his knowledge and personal touches. He treated us like we were family and really went above and beyond to make sure we were happy and satisfied with our options. He also fought for us and helped us make tough decisions. As first time home buyers, we had several questions and concerns about the housing market and Mr. Whetsel made sure we were comfortable. A great choice to make sure you see 100% of the market and know you are in good hands. We will definitely use him again.

-Lance and Lindsay Pierce

John definitely knows his stuff!! He assisted us in buying a foreclosed home and the process was so smooth it seemed like traditional sale. John was always available when we called with questions or concerns and walked us through step by step. I would definitely refer him to anyone including friends and family. Oh, and I already have my cousin in Tampa selling her house in town through him.

-Pete Mabry

Few have John’s knowledge, expertise and personality skills necessary to weave through today’s totally changed real estate market. John can be a tremendous ally in any real estate need and has been there for every real estate transaction we have completed over the past 20 years.

-Pete Chaviano

I found Home Team Realty very accommodating and made me comfortable through the whole process and what is more I did it from Wisconsin. John and his team were always accessible and always helpful. They were honest, forthright,and competent. I appreciate what they did for me and would recommend them to anyone who wants a satisfied feeling after their buying experience.

-Andrew E. Manoben

I worked with Mr. Whetsel over a period about 5 months. I found him to be knowledgeable and professional as well as truly interested in seeing that my home needs and goals were met or exceeded. He kept my spirits up as we worked through 3 separate short sale properties finally finding and closing on a property that I never dreamed I could actually own. If someone is looking for an agent to work with that knows the area, the business and is willing to give more than a 110% effort to his client’s needs and desires, I know of no one who I would recommend more highly than Mr. Whetsel.

-Shannon Poole

After looking for a house for over two years I happen to call John. It was late on a Sunday evening and I had been driving around my son’s neighborhood when I saw a house that might fill my needs. I called the realtor on the sign thinking he’ll never answer. I had been dealing with Tallahassee realtors for a long time. The ones I call especially on weekends either weren’t available or just never called me back. John was available every time I called him. He was always available to show me a house whether he was the principle realtor or not. With John’s help I am now in my new house and am extremely happy. I recommend John highly. Also dealing with his staff was always a pleasant experience.

-Chris Brannin

It is about time we shared our story of our search to find our first home, and John is the main character in this long story for sure! If you are reading this, you already know you like John personally! We knew from the first 10 minutes of chatting with him, that he got us! He knew exactly what we wanted, what we could afford and how he could make it work. John never sugar coated anything. The search for a home is never an easy one, and there is nothing worse than unfulfilled promises. With John Whetsel this is not the case! After viewing a few homes, John knew we hated the “sterile” look and we wanted a more homely place, that we could make our own and one that would satisfy a city girl at heart with a county boy looking for land and the quiet life! And John found us the perfect place! Wohoo, job done, well not so fast. After a lot of back and forth and craziness with the seller, we thought we would seal the deal only to find out it was not going to happen. We reluctantly walked away, completely broken hearted and feeling extremely naive as first time home buyers! We continued our weekly house hunts with John, but he always knew our hearts were set on what we were calling OUR home!

This is where our story may seem unbelievable to many. We had given up on our dream home, but John had not. Within one month, John had dealt with one of the most difficult cases ever, and this is something he can confirm and now something we can all look back and joke about! Let’s can some bananas!!! (private Joke!)

Today, we sit happily in our new home, thanks to John! I could write a book on the encounters and it would most certainly be a best seller, but the bottom line is, we met John, he found us the house of our dreams, we lost it, and he worked every hour of every day to ensure we got it, and we did 3 days before Christmas 2012. There will never be any gift that will ever compare to this. John started out as our realtor, then became our friend and advisor, our entertainer to our one year old twins and now their Uncle John!John, to say you gave us unconditional kindness and commitment is an understatement!!

We are truly blessed to have met you, and to enjoy relaxing in our home with our twins Rosie and Evan and our original babies,

-Dante, Molly.Dee, Kieran, Rosie and Evan

John Whetsel and Home Team Realty are not the biggest, although John has worked for and trained many of the biggest. Their vision is to be the BEST, and that is where I see them.

Buying a home is a long process and I have only bought 2 homes in my 32 years of marriage. I am no expert, which is why I wanted an expert to guide me through the process. John came highly recommended by a trusted friend which immediately gave me a high degree of confidence. Then John more than earned the rest. He is honest, to the point, no fluff- but tons of substance. I personally don’t know of anyone who has sold more homes than he, and the experience shows in how he negotiates, how he knows the correct price points for the market, and how he understands all the various methods of financing and how to navigate that mine field.

If you want a smooth talking salesman, Mr. Whetsel is not your guy. If you want a positive experience and the feeling like you got the best deal possible you’ve found the right source.

-Hank Madsen

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