Four Liabilities Future Home Sellers Should Know About

Sometimes liabilities lurk in unexpected places, other times they are as transparent as ice. Knowing what could cause your home not to sell- or at least negatively affect your price point – is solid business sense for any home owner.


1. Little fixes add up. In a buyer’s mind, if a homeowner as not tended to little issues, such as a leaky faucet, a loose door, a cracked window or a stained carpet –  what else can they expect in the way of big ticket fixes? Before putting your home on the market, take an inventory of all the “little things” you know are troublesome, and get them fixed first.


2. The pool. Sure for some it’s the hands-down selling factor that makes a home THE home for their family. Unfortunately, however, that’s not typically the case. Costly upkeep, expensive equipment, time and energy to care for it and the dangers of unsupervised children can keep many families away. Like most real estate factors, though, it really can come down to a question of location, location, location. If your home is in a multimillion dollar subdivision where every house has a pool, it would be more of a liability not to have one.


3. Outdated, non energy-efficient appliances. Consumers are more green-focused than ever today, and the idea of paying more for resources to maintain old appliances is unappealing. For a minimal investment you can achieve a great return by upgrading to newer models that appeal to today’s buyers sense of energy consciousness and aesthetics.


4. An old or damaged roof. There’s no questions that roofs are expensive, but one that is undamaged, in good shape and will last longer than another year or two is considered a must-have, not a should-have, in today’s market. If yours needs replacing, expect to either foot the bill or lower your selling price.


These are just a few of the factors that can keep homes from selling at a premium. For a full list, and a comprehensive review of your home’s needs and current fair market value – call or email us today. With a thorough eye and a wealth of experience, John Whetsel can help you better understand the full potential of your investment and answer any questions that you have.

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