2016 Real Estate Resolutions


*Happy New Year!*
Whether you’re looking to purchase a new home or sell your current one make 2016 the year for positive change with these real estate resolutions!


Buyers: Resolve to Start Feeling Out the Market Early
Even before you’re 100% ready to buy it’s smart to take a look at prices in the neighborhood you’re looking to live in and to start going to open houses. Be sure to talk with local real estate agents who can give you expert guidance and answer any questions you have. You’ll get a better understanding of the local market and will be better prepared knowing current prices and what is available in your area.


Sellers: Resolve to View Your Home as a Product
Now’s the time to start cleaning up, weeding out and making your home more desirable to buyers. When you start showing your home you want it to appear open, spacious and organized so why not start going the cleaning process now. For things you can’t part with that take up space consider renting a storage locker or using the attic. For home repairs it’s a great idea to get bids early, you’ll save money when you have time to compare rates. Getting your home ready to sell early gives you time to organize at your own pace and also spreads out the cost of repairs.


Buyers: Resolve to Get Your Finances in Order
Purchasing a home takes time and effort, set yourself up for success by knowing what your credit score is and how your financial situations looks from a lender’s perspective. Get with a local mortgage professional early in the year and if you have credit issues identify them and work to correct them so that you can secure a better mortgage rate.


Sellers: Resolve to Understand Your Timing and Exit Strategy
One big source of stress for sellers comes from trying to buy a new home and sell a current one simultaneously. This is a much easier process if you go into it with a game plan and ask yourself the difficult questions ahead of time. Can you afford closing on your new home before selling? Should you sell first? Will you make enough from your sale to purchase in your desired neighborhood? Will you need short-term housing after selling? Working with a real estate agent is a great way to be sure you’re making the right decisions and are setting yourself up for success.


Cheers and best of luck in the new year!

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