5 Ways to Make the Home Buying Process a Breeze


Follow these easy steps to simplify your path to home ownership!


1. Scope out your potential neighborhood.
Get to know the area where you want to buy to be sure it’s a good fit before making an offer. Walk through the neighborhood, talk with people who already live there, take a look at the schools, markets and other nearby businesses. It’s also a good idea to drive by at different times, including at night.


2. Set reasonable expectations.
Remember that no home will be a perfect fit off the bat. Make a list of the things you can’t live without, and a list of things you’d like to have to use a guidelines when house hunting. Every home will need a little work and personalization to make it perfect for you.


3. Find a great real estate consultant.
You should find a Buyer’s Agent that will represent you and have your best interests in mind. Working with a local real estate consultant gives you a big advantage; they know the market, can expertly negotiate the best terms and price, and will be able to walk you through all paperwork and contracts. 


4.  Get pre-approved.
Getting pre approved for a loan in the amount you want to borrow will make sure you’re ready to go when you want to make an offer on a property. This way you don’t delay the process and possibly lose your dream home to another buyer. 


5.  Be prepared.
Ensure that your contract has reasonable contingencies, such as a home inspection and title clearance, to protect you as the buyer. Also be sure to get homeowner’s insurance and if needed upgrade the value as your home’s value increases. 

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