6 Advantages of Having Your Home Pre-Inspected


When looking to sell your home one of the best ways to expedite the process and save money in the long run is to have a pre-inspection done. Here’s why:


1. Better Marketing
A home inspector can help you discover the highlights of your home, what makes it unique.


2. Creates Multiple Offers
By showing that your home is an open book it makes buyers more confident because they don’t have to worry about hidden repair costs and it makes your home more desirable.


3. Eliminates Low Offers
When you identify issues up front it prevents buyers from making low ball offers because they’ll know the real cost of any repairs that need to happen.


4. It Saves You Money
By investigation what repairs need to be done ahead of time you can research your options and compare bids for the job. Saving you up to 5% on repair costs.


5. Streamline Negotiations
When buyers know what needs to be done from the start there will be fewer issues for negotiation, and you protect yourself from any claims a buyer might make after the sale.


6. Speeds Up Closing
Buyers can choose to rely on the inspection you had done beforehand which will expedite the closing process.

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