Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal

Selling your home starts with curb appeal, make sure your first impression is a great one! Entice buyers to come inside with these tips to tidy up your property and give it a neat, crisp appearance.

  1. Keep the lawn mowed and trim all hedges and plants. (Pay special attention to anything blocking windows or walkways.)
  2. Power wash your driveway, walkways and decks.
  3. Neaten up your yard, keep lawn equipment and toys put away.
  4. Clean your windows so that they sparkle, repair and paint if needed.
  5. Add color with bright annuals and potted plants.
  6. Add fresh pine straw to flower beds and around trees.
  7. Make your front door and garage door look inviting with fresh paint or a nice wreath.
  8. Be sure your house number is easily visible, replace it if necessary.

Paying attention to the little things can add up to a big return!

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