5 Important Steps for Home Sellers

5 Important Steps for Home Sellers

1. Set a Reasonable Price

Naturally you want to get the best price for your home, but one of the most common mistakes is setting an too high of a price to begin with. This causes your listing to be dismissed early on and prevents it from reaching potential buyers. Additionally it reflects poorly on the listing if you have to reduce your price later, and could extend the amount of time it takes to sell and even reduce the final sale price.

2. Have an Open Door Policy

Be sure not to limit or delay showings. You should be ready to present your house to buyers at any time, even if you’re not there. It helps have a lock box and make sure you pack away your valuables. Showings can happen at the drop of a hat, make sure you don’t miss out on any potential sales!

3. Properly Stage Your Home

First impressions count! Show of your home it its best light by making sure it looks fresh and clean on the inside and out. Make sure the windows, surfaces and floors are clean, repaint any problem areas, add tasteful furnishings and decor and clear away the clutter. Ensure your closets, garage and any storage areas are cleaned out as well so that they look larger.

4. Make Necessary Repairs Beforehand

Give your house the best shot at attracting buyers by repairing any major issues before listing. Have a professional home inspection done to uncover any problems. Even with a “repair credit” offered having a damaged roof or other structural element can turn away buyers.

5. Read Your Contract Carefully

Real estate contracts are often complex and confusing. However they are legally binding documents and it is essential that you understand the terms and conditions before signing to avoid unnecessary trouble. Having a real estate professional go over the details with you is a smart move. They have the experience to catch any discrepancies and make sure you are in agreement with all parts of the contract.

*We would be delighted to put our 40+ years of expertise into helping you make the most of your home sale. Contact us for a consultation today!*

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